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New Patient Information

  • Diagnosis/ Evaluation

  • Recommendations

  • Treatment

 Diagnosis and Recommendations

The first step is to ascertain whether a language/learning problem exists and to conduct a thorough evaluation to determine where the child’s processing is breaking down. Information is gathered via a case history.  Interviews with parents, educators and physicians help to define a potential problem.  Testing is conducted in our office over two or more sessions.  This avoids fatiguing the child and allows him or her to provide optimal performance.  A variety of testing tools may be employed and are chosen individually for each client. 


After the information has been compiled and analyzed, we conference with parents to explain testing results and recommend a treatment plan.  A report of the evaluation, including recommendations, is provided to the parents. We may make referrals to other professionals for services better suited to a child’s needs as indicated by the results. 

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