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Welcome to Education & Therapy Associates

Education & Therapy Associates, Inc. has provided speech, language and learning services to children in the Bay Area since 1990. The scope of our practice focuses on two distinct, but often related, populations of children. With extensive experience as a speech and language pathologist and learning disabilities specialist, we instruct children in individual strategies to overcome their particular language/learning differences, while the other arm of the practice focuses on instructing parents and teachers in how to reinforce these learning strategies at home and in the classroom. Working with parents, teachers, school administrators and physicians helps children achieve their maximal language and learning potential. 

  Who Am I ?

Karee Weber

 B.S. /  M.A. /  CCC-Sp

Understanding language to be the basis of all learning, we know a child's ability to comprehend and utilize language is crucial to that child's academic success. This is why children with untreated language problems are at high risk for learning problems.

Undergraduate  and masters degrees in speech- language pathology, plus an additional graduate degree in learning disabilities education, provides Karee Weber with a balanced skill set necessary to  diagnose and create individualized treatment plans that address even the most complex  language-learning weaknesses. Additionally, Ms. Weber's credentials include a California state license and certification by the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA).

Therapist with children

At Education & Therapy Associates, I believe that all children want to learn, and can learn.  I recognize however, that there may be obstacles that prevent children from learning to the best of their ability. A few of these include:

• Reading/ Listening comprehension

• Expressive writing ability

• Auditory processing   problems

• Difficulty integrating school requirements

• Attention deficit disorder

• Phonological processing disorder

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