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Having our verbal messages understood is the basis of speech.  Likewise, making the sounds of our language clearly is crucial for communication.  Younger children may make errors in their sounds; these are normally outgrown by a specific age range. At times, these speech skills do not evolve as expected and therapy might be indicated.

Since most academic learning is language-based, children with language problems are at high risk for learning disabilities. However, early treatment of language weaknesses can frequently mitigate or even prevent life-long learning problems.  In addition to diminishing the core learning weaknesses, good therapy can also teach compensation strategies.

Parent education is a critical adjunct to any good therapy program. As a therapist, I  spend 2 or 3 hours per week with a child, but parents have the luxury of interacting  many more hours with their children.  This time-even the informal interaction time-can be used to reinforce good speech or language-learning  habits.


The Learning Myth
October 19, 2019


Why a "growth mind-set" is so important, and how you can help cultivate this in your child.

Teens Should Protect Their Brains

 January 28, 2021

Teens' brains are not fully

insulated, which means that

signals move slowly. Listen to

the interview.

Kids & Technology
   August  18, 2020


 What You Absolutely Need to       Know About Screen Time and Your Kids.

California's Top 100 High Schools
     April 28, 2021
  The annual ranking released by US
  World and News Report ranks schools     
  based on a variety of factors.
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